Chip Leaders and XXVII Co-champs Return to Attempt the Back to Back

  • Big Stax XXVII 1100 11:30 AM
  •  Level 16 (2500/5000/5000)
  • Total Players: 418
  • Players Remaining: 95

Day 2 is underway, and 9 of our remaining field came into the day with over 400k in chips (nearly twice the average). Two of our top three chip leaders have returned again from being part of an ICM chop in the 300 and 500 events this series.  The question remains: can they do it again for the back to back in one series?

chipleadersday2 002
James Hundt Chip Count: 536,000
chipleadersday2 003
Erkut Yilmaz Chip Count: 523,500
chipleadersday2 005
Sridhar Sangannagari Chip Count: 497,500