Patel Runs into “Boost Time!”

  • Big Stax XXVII 500 12:00 AM
  • Level 26 (25000/50000/50000)
  • Total Players: 869
  • Players Remaining: 16

Shortly after winning a non-contested 4-bet shove pot of roughly 550k vs Kutay Kalkan, Akash Patel raises UTG to 125k, and called by chip leader, Brian “Boost Time!” Sherrier.

Flop: J♥5♠A♥ Patel checks, Boost Time! bets 130k and Patel calls

Turn: 4♥ Patel checks, Boost Time! bets 325k and Patel calls

River: 6♦ Patel checks, and Boost Time! bets again for 550k, Patel again just calls.  Boost Time! shows his A♦J♣ for top 2 pair and Patel mucks his cards and is left with around 15BB.

patel 002
Akash Patel (L), Kutay Kalkan (R)