In The Money

  • Big Stax XXVII 500 1:50 PM
  • Level 18 (4000/8000/8000)
  • Total Players: 869 
  • Players Remaining: 89

Just before what would have been hand for hand play, we lost a couple players.  Eric Hayes winning one of the bubble hands when Joe Mckeehen open UTG +1 to 18K, Greg Nerenberg called mid position, button shoves for 240K, Matt Glantz folds his small blind, and Eric Hayes tanks.  After a couple minutes, Mckeehen calls clock, and before time is started Hayes then moves his chip in for a call leaving 300k+ behind, McKeehen folds, Nerenberg thinks for a bit, then ends up folding leaving him about 340k, and announcing he had pocket JJ.  Button holds KQ to Hayes AK.  A♦ comes right on the flop and a blank on the turn, J♣ on the river just to needle Nerenberg for what would’ve been a set had he stayed in the pot.  Hayes is awarded the pot, and knocks out our bubble to put the remaining field officially in the money.

bubble 026
Eric Hayes