The Ultimate Bad Beat

  • Big Stax XXVII 300 11:59 AM
  • Level 16 (2500/5000/5000)
  • Players Remaining: 190

A select few of cash game players have had the thrill of being on a table when the “bad beat jackpot” hits.  The bad beat at Parx is defined as quad 6’s or better (with both hole cards) getting beat.  While the excitement of splitting up what is often $100,000+, one can imagine the nightmare of hitting that once in a lifetime hand during a tournament.  With just under a minute remaining in level 16, that very thing happened.  UTG raised to 12k called by UTG+1 Seunghwan Lee, the button, SB of Ramona Paladino, and BB.

Flop: 3♥4♥5♥ action checks around

Turn: 7♠ Paladino bets 15k, action folds to Lee who just calls, and folds around.

River: J♠ Paladino bets 40k, and Lee shoves all in, covering Paladino’s stack, she quickly calls and tables her A♥2♥ for the steel wheel, and Lee flips his 6♥7♥ for a higher straight flush, winning him the hand and knocking out Paladino.


IMG_7745 (2)
Seunghwan Lee