Heads Up Play Underway

  • Big Stax XXVI 1500 10:30 PM
  • Level 28 (40,000/80,000/80,000)
  • Players Remaining: 2

About 30 mins into heads up play, and Chris Kennedy’s stack had been going downhill fast from around 5.5 million down to just over 3 million.  Ha opens to 175k and Kennedy calls.

Flop: 6♥J♣9♣ Kennedy checks, Ha bets 200k, Kennedy raises to 500k, followed by and all in from Ha and a call.

Ha: A♠J♦ (top pair, top kicker)

Kennedy: 8♣10♣ (flush draw)

Turn: 2♣ (flush for Kennedy, and leaves Ha drawing dead)

River: 4♣ 

Kennedy now has about 6.5 million in chips, and less than a double up away from taking the lead.

fans 005
Thai Ha (L) Chris Harrison (R) in Heads-up play