Big Stacks Battle for a New Chip Leader

  • Big Stax XXVI 1500 4:15 PM
  • Level 25 (20000/40000/40000)
  • Players Remaining: 6

Big stacks Agenor Souza and Thai Ha have been going to battle vs each other, with Ha coming out on top.  Earlier, Ha correctly identified a 2 mil bluff by Souza with just A high on the river in an already big pot. Shortly after, Ha had the fortune of hitting a Q high flush to Souza’s 9 high flush for another million chip pot.  His latest victory came when Souza opened UTG for 100k, Worm, on the button, calls, and Ha 3 bets to 375k, Souza calls, and Worm folds.

Flop: 3♣10♣3♥ Ha leads for 450k and Souza calls

Turn: 4♦ Ha checks, Souza bets 750k, and Ha goes all in.  Souza folds, and Ha reveals a bluff with his A♠J♥.  A slightly disgusted Worm reveals he laid down pocket 3’s and would’ve flopped quads. 

dacontiHaleader 005
Thai Ha Chip Count ~9mil