Bubble Burst: In the Money

  •  Big Stax XXVI 1500 1:35 PM
  • Level 18 (4000/8000/8000)
  • Players Remaining: 39

Just 3 hands in to hand for hand play and Paul Martino has gotten it all in pre vs. the on fire chip leader, Agenor Desouza.  Martino tables his A♠A♥ and Desouza his K♦Q♦.  The tension builds, as the hand is paused until the other tables have completed action, as to not effect play.  Martino stands up, and fully anticipating his A’s getting cracked, with a somewhat plea to the poker gods he exclaims, “and it’s my birthday!” Over on the table next door an all in bet has been made by Nikolaos Platis who flatted a raise from an UTG short stack pre-flop.  Flop:10♠Q♣6♥ opponents leads again for 15k and Platis shoves all in.  Opponent tanks then places in his remaining 130k and shows down K♣K♦ vs 10♣6♣ held by Platis giving him 2 pair.  With no help on the turn or river for the K’s, Platis pulls in a nice pot and knocks out the bubble.  Meanwhile, Martino’s A’s manage to hold and give his 155k stack a much needed double up and a spot in the money.

bubble 001
 Paul Martino sweats his Aces
bubble 002
Nikolaos Platis knocks out the bubble