No Guts, No Glory: In the Money

  • Big Stax XXVI 500 2:40PM
  • Level 16 (5000/10000/10000)
  • Players Remaining: 125

Our bubble hand had 2 players tournaments on the line.  First of Mark Charleston from the BB with 134k who called the all in of Tenzin Chakdor (=230k) in the SB pre flop.

Chakdor: K♣10♠

Charleston: A♠Q♣

Board comes: A♦9♥7♠4♥J♦ giving Charleston a double up


500bubble 001
Tenzin Chakdor (L) doubles Mark Charleston (R)

The official bubble hand came at the hands of Glenn Minxoli who opened to 22k and a short stack shove followed for 69k total which Minxoli called with his 8♦9♦, opponent shows his K♥K♦

Board: 4♦2♠2♦A♦A♥ giving Minxoli the flush and ending our hand for hand play. 


500bubble 002
Glenn Minxoli knocks out the bubble