Kindt and Carlson Double Up

  • Big Stax XXVI 500 9:00 PM
  • Level 23 (12000/24000/24000)
  • Players Remaining: 41

Debbie Kindt, one of just 3 women remaining, goes all in pre-flop for her 202k remaining, and called by Charles Evans.

Kindt: A♣8♥

Evans: K♦Q♣

Board: 9♦4♦A♦3♣A♥ giving Kindt trip Aces and a double up, while leaving Evans all but crippled.

kindtcarlsondouble 002
Debbie Kindt


Sean Carlson followed up defending a min-raise on his BB with 9♣3♠ vs A♦J♣

Flop: J♦8♣10♥ opponent opens to 100K and Carlson puts in his remaining 353k on his open-ended straight draw.

Turn: 2♥

River: Q♦ gives Carlson the straight and a double up

kindtcarlsondouble 003
Sean Carlson