AK Finally Wins: 4th Place

  • Big Stax XXVI 300 12:45AM
  • Level 35 (125000/500000/500000)
  • Players Remaining: 3

4 Handed Eric Kitain is first to act and raises to 800k.  Chan Kim from the SB makes a quick glance over at Kevin Lutz still to act, then announces “All In.” Lutz folds and a quick call from Kitain with about 7M total.

Eric Kitain: J♠J♥ 

Chan Kim: A♠K♥ 

Board: A♣6♦K♣Q♠9♣ brings the day to a close for Kitain who came into day 2 with about half the average chips, then outlasted most of them.  

Eric Kitain 4th-$37,303