Brock Knocked out 41st

  • Big Stax XXVI 300 12:10 AM
  • Level 20 (25000/50000/50000)
  • Players Remaining: 40

Immediately following a battle of the blinds hand where Jeff Gibson rivered a gut shot straight vs. his flopped 2 pair, Kyle Brock gets knocked out in 41st.  Greg Joslyn from the hijack opens to 125k, Karl Schwing from the cutoff calls, along with Gibson on the button, and Brock in the SB.

Flop: 10♠Q♣4♦ Brock leads out for 400k, Joslyn folds, and called by Schwing and Gibson.

Turn: 8♦ Brock shoves his remaining 515k and called by Schwing.  Brock holds Q♠6♠ and Schwing A♥Q♦.

River: 2♠ awards Schwing the pot with his top pair, top kicker.

gibson brockschwing 002
Jeff Gibson (L), Kyle Brock (R)
gibson brockschwing 004.JPG
Greg Joslyn(L) Karl Schwing (R)