Day 2 underway: Staying Alive

  • Big Stax XXVI 300 12:30pm
  • Level 16 (2500/5000/5000)
  • Players Remaining: 297

Day 2 began with 364 bagged players and 57 new entries for day 2.  First level of the day took down about 25% of the field and the name of the game is staying alive.  Early double up hands will be crucial in making it into the money.

David Mcconachie UTG+1 opens to 12k with K♣Q♣, mid position shoves all in for 32,500 with K♠Q♥  Greg Gratton from the cutoff reshoves for 57,500 button tank folds laying down 10’s and David flats.  Board runs out clean 9♥4♠6♠2♣10♦ putting Greg right back in the game with about 150k.

Greg Gratton

Lyle Diamond doubled up on a flip with A♥Q♣ after 10♣10♦ opened to 15k Lyle shoved and was called board ran out A♣9♥K♠4♦5♥

Lyle Diamond

Dave Raddi sitting on just over 600k after opening to 15k from the button with A♥7♥ BB flats with 6♦6♣ Flop comes out Q♥A♣4♥ check check Turn 6♦ Raddi leads for 20k BB raises to 50k and Raddi shoves his 280k stack and called river K♥.

Dave Raddi