A Big Bubble Burst and a Monster Stack Acquired

  • Big Stax XXVI 300 1:10pm
  • Level 17 (300/6000/6000)
  • Players Remaining: 261

While many take caution on the bubble, Matt Mendez wins a huge pot during hand for  hand play with his 7♥5♥ from the BB.  Cutoff opened to 17K with his 9♣9♦ and Mendez calls.  Flop comes out 9♠3♥4♥ Mendez checks and CO bets 16k, Mendez raises to 46k, CO 4 bets to 146k, and Mendez shoves the rest of his 650k stack and called by CO with around 550k. Turn is the 8♥ and the river 5♠ fades the 10 outs that could’ve counterfeited his flush and pushes Mendez to over a million in chips.

Matt Mendez