VanTassel Leaves Lavenburg Short

  • Big Stax XXV 1100 Main Event 12:00 AM
  • Level 24 (15000/30000/5000)
  • Total Entries: 471
  • Players Remaining: 15

Mike Lavenburg opened the button to 70k and was called by Shankar Pillai in the small blind. Sean VanTassel 3-bet from the big blind to 225k and was called by only Lavenburg.

Flop: 2♥4♣8♥ Pot: 555k

VanTassel moved all-in after the flop for 810k and was called after just a few seconds by Lavenburg.

VanTassel A♥5♥ vs Lavenburg 10♠10♥

Turn: 4♥

River: Q♣

VanTassel immediately connects on the turn and holds to scoop the pot of 2.175M. Lavenburg is left with ~300-400k.