Final Table

  • Big Stax XXV 1100 Main Event 2:45 PM
  • Level 26 (25000/50000/5000)
  • Players Left: 9
jason deane
Jason Deane, Day 3 Level 25

Deane was left with exactly one 5k chip after getting involved in a big hand with Gerald Fehr. The board read 5♦K♠2♠K♥ with ~800k-1M in the middle. Fehr moved all-in for 910k and was immediately called by Deane.

Fehr A♥2♥ vs Deane A♣Q♣

River: 2♦

Deane made a big call with Ace-high but it was not the right spot. He would be eliminated a few hands later in the same hand as Brock Wilson.

brock wilson
Brock Wilson, Day 3 Level 25

Wilson opened the button to 125k and was called Gerald Fehr in the small blind. Jason Deane went all-in from the big blind for 105k total.

Flop: 9♣2♥6♥ Pot: 380k

Fehr checked. Wilson bet 125k. Fehr raised to 375k. Wilson moved all-in for ~1.1M and Fehr immediately made the call.

Fehr J♠9♥ vs Wilson 10♣10♠ vs Deane 5♥4♠

Turn: 3♥

River: 10♥

Fehr makes a flush on the end to take out both players and get the field to the Final Table.

Jason Deane is eliminated in 11th place for $7,036.

Brock Wilson is eliminated in 10th place for $7,036.

Final Table:

  1. Shankar Pillai
  2. Sean VanTassel
  3. John Ciofalo
  4. Michael Rossitto
  5. Kyle Bowker
  6. Jason Ritchie
  7. Glenn Macartney
  8. Jason Brauda
  9. Gerald Fehr


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