Level 9 Update

  • Big Stax XXV 1100 Main Event 5:10 PM
  • Level 9 (500/1000/100)
  • Total Entries: 375
  • Day 1B Entries: 225

Dinner break will be coming up at the end of Level 9 with play resuming at 6:45 PM. The field will return to a 1200 big blind. Today’s flight is continuing to grow steadily and the field will likely get over 400 runners by the time play concludes at 11:30 PM this evening.

The blog will take a fresh look at the leaders coming back from dinner and then there will be six more levels of Day 1 action. Head to the Big Stax XXV 1100 Hub for links to the schedule, structure, and the Day 1A chip counts.