• Big Stax XXV 1100 Main Event 7:00 PM
  • Level 10 (600/1200/100) 
  • Day 1A Entries: 129
ryan mcknight
Ryan McKnight, Day 1A Level 10

McKnight has a big chip-lead with ~340k heading into the post-dinner session. He got his stack from Aissa Khirani after putting him to the test on a flop of Tx8x8x. McKnight had bet, been raised, and then shoved into Khirani hoping to force him off the hand. Khirani made the call with KxKx and would be in fine shape against McKnight’s AxQx but McKnight spiked an Ace and was rewarded with a massive stack.

rob goldbaum
Rob Goldbaum, Day 1A Level 10

Goldbaum is the next closest player with ~215k and also shares a table with the leader, McKnight. Goldbaum went deep in the 1500 at Big Stax XXIV but fell just short of the Final Table in 15th for $6,839. That was his largest career score out of his $14k in lifetime winnings and he is once again off to a good start in the largest of the three Main Events.

scott blumstein
Scott Blumstein, Day 1A Level 10

Blumstein is in 3rd with ~205k and is going for back to back Final Tables after finishing 9th in this event at Big Stax XXIV. Of course, the reigning Main Event champ will not be improving on his career best score this week but he hopes to remain hot on his home turf and another big score to his resume.