4-Way Deal

1st Place – John Malczan $54,674

2nd Place – John Lee $54,545

3rd Place – Justin Dodds $45,930

4th Place – Joseph Cappadona $41,848

big stax xxv 500 winners
Big Stax XXV 500 Winners

There was only one hand played in Level 31 before the clock was stopped and the players discussed a deal. That hand turned out to be critical as John Lee accidentally raised to 300k from the small blind allowing Malczan to pick up the pot and take a slight chip advantage earning him the trophy. Here are the final counts:

  1. John Malczan 11,325,000
  2. John Lee 11,250,000
  3. Justin Dodds 7,000,000
  4. Joseph Cappadona 5,400,000

John Lee did the majority of the heavy lifting at the Final Table but fell just short of earning the trophy. John Malczan won a critical pot eliminating John Martin in 5th place which brought him close to the lead and earned him the largest portion of the chop.

Justin Dodds had spent a fair amount of time at the top of the leaderboard before being forced to survive the short-stack late in the session while Joseph Cappadona remained fairly quiet throughout the day without ever taking any huge risks.

Congratulations to all of the Day 3 finishers and thanks to everyone who participated in the 25th running of the 500 Main Event. There is one more Main Event on the schedule as well as a few satellites and side-events. Head to parxcasino.com/bigstax for information on all the remaining events.