Down To Five

  • Big Stax XXIV 2500 Main Event 3:25 PM
  • Level 24 (15000/30000/5000)
  • Total Entries: 112
  • Players Remaining: 5

Under the gun opens to 65k and Brett Apter calls from the cutoff. Ron Sims is in the big blind and moves all-in for 885k. The original raiser folds and Apter makes the call.

Apter JxJx vs Sims TxTx

Board: 4x6x6x9x4x

Ron Sims is eliminated in 7th place for $10,167.

Tsinis Arkadiy opens to 65k and Aaron Mermelstein moves all-in for 350k. Arkadiy makes the call hold AxTx against Mermelstein’s 6x6x.

Board: Tx5x2xQx8x

Arkadiy wins the flip for his third KO at the Final Table.

Aaron Mermelstein is eliminated in 6th place for $13,109.