• Big Stax XXIV 500 Main Event 7:20 AM
  • Level 35 (200000/400000/50000)
  • Total Entries: 1092
  • Players Left: 2

Dan Daconti held the big lead as the first half an hour of Level 35 involved a lot of shoving and trading big blinds back and forth. Finally, the two short stacks got into a confrontation.

Boris Kromas shoved the button for ~8.3M. Eriquezzo called from the big blind for 6.9M.

Kromas A♦3♦ vs Eriquezzo A♥10♣ Pot: ~14M

Board: 7♥2♦2♠A♣6♥

Kromas was left with just 1.475M which he then ran up to ~5M before finally getting it in again.

Kromas shoved the small blind and was called by Daconti in the big blind.

Kromas Q♠J♠ vs Daconti 2♠2♦ Pot: ~9M

Board: A♠A♦3♦4♦5♥

Boris Kromas is eliminated in 3rd place for $40,459.

There will be no deal at this time. Heads-up play is getting underway.

  1. Dan Daconti 31,900,000
  2. Ryan Eriquezzo 11,825,000