Roller-Coaster Ride For Singh

  • Big Stax XXIII 500 Main Event 7:30 PM
  • Total Entries: 1070
  • Players Left: 8
  • Next Payout: $11,182
greg nerenberg
Greg Nerenberg, Day 3 Level 28

Avi Singh opened to 175k from early position and was called by Bart Dowling in the hijack. Greg Nerenberg 3-bet to 770k from the button. The blinds folded before Singh moved all-in for 3.78M total. Dowling had seen enough but Nerenberg had a huge hand and made the call.

Nerenberg A♠A♣ vs Singh J♣J♥ Pot: ~8M

Board: Kx9x6x6x2x

Nerenberg holds with the over-pair and cripples Singh (260k remaining).

avi singh
Avi Singh, Day 3 Level 28

Singh now finds back to back double ups through Nerenberg to recuperate some of his stack. First, Nerenberg opens into Singh’s big blind to 200k, and was flatted by Pearce Arnold in the small blind before Singh moved in for 250k. Both players called creating a dry side-pot with Singh at risk.

Flop: J♣9♥K♦ Pot: 830k

Arnold checked. Nerenberg signaled he had caught the flop with a bet of 200k and Arnold reluctantly folded.

Nerenberg K♣9♣ vs Singh A♥10♠

Turn: 7♥

River: Q♣

Singh finds his only out and drags the pot. He once again found his chips in the middle against Nerenberg on the very next hand. Nerenberg opened from middle position and Singh moved all-in from the small blind for 820k. Nerenberg made the call.

Nerenberg A♥K♠ vs Singh 9♣7♣ Pot: 1.8M

Board: 7♦7♠Q♣10♣A♠

Singh smashes the flop making trips and completing a huge comeback. He recovered half the stack he initially lost to Nerenberg. However, just a few hands later he would be crippled once again in a huge pot against Jo Kim.

jo kim
Jo Kim, Day 3 Level 28

Jo Kim opened from under the gun to 175k. Bart Dowling called from middle position as well as Pearce Arnold in the small blind. Singh moved all-in from the big blind for ~2M. Jo Kim made the call for 1.885M and the other two players folded their hands.

Kim A♣K♥ vs Singh A♥A♠ Pot: ~4.3M

Board: 9♠9♦K♣K♠6♦

Jo Kim makes a full-house after being dominated pre-flop. Singh was on the verge of a huge comeback but is left crippled with ~150k remaining after his tumultuous two orbits.

Full chip counts coming soon.