Hand For Hand

  • Big Stax XXIII 500 Main Event 2:00 PM
  • Level 18 (4000/8000/1000)
  • Total Entries: 1070
  • Players Left: 108
  • Average Stack: 396,000

The clock is now stopped and the tournament staff is breaking a table which signifies the beginning of hand for hand play. A new TDA rule is being used in this series where any all-in hands will be kept face down until action is complete on all tables before running out the board. This keeps the action fair during this portion of play as each players’ decisions will be forced to be made without the info of if a player has busted in the field.

After the next bust-out, the entire field will be guaranteed a min-cash of $915. Results will then be posted for each level in the payouts for the duration of Day 2 play.

Edit: No hand for hand is required for the 500 Main Event as a player was busted while waiting for all tables to complete the hand that was in action as the clock was stopped.