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  • Big Stax XXIII 500 Main Event 11:25 PM
  • Level 14 (1500/3000/400)
  • Day 1A Entries: 252
ruslan arstanaliyev
Ruslan Arstanaliyev, Day 1A Level 14

It’s always interesting to see cases where a players confidence builds and they carry that momentum into a stretch of events. Arstanaliyev’s recent run certainly qualifies after taking 2nd in a $150 event at Borgata for $24,914 on October 2nd and followed that up with a 6th in the 300 Main Event for $15,954 just a few days ago. He is once again at the top of the standings during a Day 1 session with ~320k and will be a force to be reckon with going forward.

ron sims
Ron Sims, Day 1A Level 14

Ron Sims is working with ~300k heading into Level 14 and much like Arstanaliyev is coming into the Big Stax series with some of his best results just in the rear-view mirror.

Sims has ~$24k in career earnings and three recent scores contributed to that total. He finished 88th in the $3500 Main Event at Borgata for $7,175, 14th in the Almighty Stack for $6,633, and 36th in the 300 Main Event at Big Stax XXII for $3,278. It would seem Sims is ripe for his first major score and is off to an excellent start this week.