Two More Eliminations

  • Big Stax XXIII 300 Main Event 1:00 AM
  • Level 26 (25000/50000/5000)
  • Total Entries: 1866
  • Players Left: 19
  • Average Stack: 2,946,000
rich milo
Rich Milo, Day 2 Level 26

Leon Rose open shoved from under the gun with 1.14M, just over 20 big blinds. Action folded to Rich Milo on the button who made the call to put Rose at risk and putting about half of his own stack on the line.

Milo A♣K♣ vs Rose K♥J♥ Pot: ~2.4M

Board: 8♥9♠7♠5♦3♦

The Ace-high holds for Milo and he improves his stack to ~4M.

Leon Rose is eliminated in 21st place for $3,669.

A couple of hands later at the same table, action folded to John Alesi (~1.5M) in the small blind and he shoved into Bryan Miller in the big blind. Miller had about 12 big blinds (~600k) and made the call.

Alesi held JTs against Miller’s A6s and managed to spike a pair and collect the shorter stack.

Bryan Miller is eliminated in 20th place for $3,669.