Jimenez Now The Short Stack

  • Big Stax XXIII 300 Main Event 6:40 PM
  • Level 30 (60000/120000/20000)
  • Total Entries: 1866
  • Players Left: 5
  • Next Payout: $21,272

Once the field was down to five players there was a series of big hands that left Jimenez with ~3M.

First, he played a huge pot against Dan Ciancio holding 9♥9♣ against A♠A♦ as all the money went in on a Q♣5♥8♥ flop. The turn and river brought no help for Jimenez and Dan Ciancio chipped up significantly in the hand.

Later, Jimenez doubled up Rich First. First got in his remaining 4.615M on the turn with Q♠J♦ against Jimenez’ A♦5♦ on a 9♦8♦7♠8♣ board. The river brought the 10♣ giving First the straight and a full double up.

At this point, Jimenez was down to ~3M and managed to get a double through Raoul Cheong with A♦10♦ against K♠Q♦ recovering some of his stack. However, a couple of orbits later Jimenez held Q♦Q♥ on the river with the board reading 3♥10♠4♦7♥K♥ and faced a river check/raise shove from Rich First which would put him to the test for his remaining 3M. Jimenez made the reluctantly made the fold and is now back in the 3M range.

Accurate chip-counts will be coming during the dinner break in ~10 minutes.