Final Table Reached

  • Big Stax XXIII 300 Main Event 3:45 PM
  • Level 29 (50000/100000/15000)
  • Total Entries: 1866
  • Players Left: 10
  • Next Payout: $4,786

Daryl Black started Level 29 in 10th/12 and immediately found a spot to attempt a re-steal. Rich Milo opened the pot from the button for a standard raise and Black moved all-in for ~1.4M total, 14 big blinds. Milo had a premium hand and easily made the call.

Milo Q♥Q♦ vs Black A♠7♣ Pot: ~2.9M

Board: 2♦K♥5♣J♦6♦

Daryl Black is eliminated in 12th place for $4,786.

The next elimination came on the other table just moments later. Chris Laeita opened the pot from the cutoff to 250k and was flatted by Wayne Rooney in the small blind. Justin Turner in the big blind moved all-in for ~2.2M and was then isolated by the initial raiser Laieta. Once the small blind folded out, the hands were tabled and Turner would be at risk.

Turner 9x9x vs Laieta AKs

The flop was clean for Turner but the turn brought a King and Laieta would hold and win the flip.

Justin Turner is eliminated in 11th place for $4,786.

The players are new re-drawing for the last time in the event and the Final Table has officially been reached.