Down to Four

  • Big Stax XXIII 300 Main Event 9:00 PM
  • Level 31 (75000/150000/25000)
  • Total Entries: 1866
  • Players Left: 4
  • Next Payout: $26,165
hector jimenez
Hector Jimenez, Big Stax 300 Day 2

Raoul Cheong opened from the cutoff and was called by Rich First on the button. Hector Jimenez, in the small blind, jammed for 4.250M. Cheong folded before First made the call putting Jimenez at risk.

First A♠J♠ vs Jimenez Q♥J♥ Pot: ~9.2M

Board: 8♣K♠3♣6♠A♣

First finds himself in a dominating position and holds without much of a sweat.

Jimenez had an excellent run up to this point but falls just short of a Top 3 finish. He began Day 2 as the chip-leader and held that lead for the majority of play up until seven-handed play when Cheong over-took him for the first time on Day 3.

Hector Jimenez is eliminated in 5th for $21,272.