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Down to Eight

Renee Duong, Big Stax 300 Day 2

Renee Duong came into Level 29 in 12th/12 and managed to survive as a few other players were eliminated from the event and get a $3k pay-jump in the process. However, she could not get anything going on Day 3.

Dan Ciancio opened from middle position to 300k and Duong was on his immediate left in the hijack as she moved in her remaining 560k, nearly six big blinds. The remaining players folded out and Ciancio made the call to put her at risk.

Duong A♣6♠ vs Ciancio A♥Q♠ Pot: ~1.3M

Board: 9♦J♦7♠2♣4♦

Ciancio’s better kicker holds up and he collects the shortest stack at the table

Renee Duong is eliminated in 9th place for $7,711.


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