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Aces vs Kings

Chris Laieta, Day 2 Level 26

Wayne Lewis opened the pot from under the gun to 115k. Chris Laieta was in middle position and re-raised to 285k. Action folded back to Lewis who put in a 4-bet to 650k. Laieta took a few seconds before announcing all-in and Lewis immediately called for ~2.05M total.

Lewis A♠A♦ vs Laieta K♣K♦ Pot: ~4.2M

Board: 3♦4♦8♣K♠9♥

Laieta spikes his two outs and increases his advantage over the field with the big knockout. He now has ~8.5M, nearly 3M clear of the rest of the field late in Day 2 play.

Wayne Lewis is eliminated in 25th place for $2,819.



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