Laieta Doubles Up

  • Big Stax XXIII 300 Main Event 8:40 PM
  • Level 23 (12000/24000/4000)
  • Total Entries: 1866
  • Players Left: 55
  • Average Stack: 1,017,000

A player opened from under the gun and was flatted by Chris Laieta on the button to see a heads-up flop.

Flop: 5♥5♦9♦ Pot: ~160k

The under the gun raiser continued with a bet of 100k. Laieta raised to 250k and was then shoved on by the initial raiser. Laieta instantly called for 771k total and would be at risk.

Laieta 5♠5♣ vs Villain 7♥7♣ Pot: ~1.7M

Turn: Q♥

River: 3♣

Laieta had flopped Quads and played them fast with a raise on the flop and was rewarded with a full double up. He has been maneuvering with a below average stack for the entire day but is now likely in the Top 10 and in great position to go for his 2nd Big Stax title.