Passing The Chips

  • Big Stax XXIII 300 Main Event 11:45 PM
  • Level 14 (1500/3000/400)
  • Day 1C Entries: 429
  • Total Entries: 1017
bill hofstaedter
Bill Hofstaedter, Day 1C Level 14

Hofstaedter is now up to ~420k after receiving a full double through Aditya Sharma who was previously one of the chip-leaders on Day 1C. Sharma has been reeling a bit since obtaining his big stack and is down to ~100k but just survived an all-in confrontation that ended in a 3-way chop prolonging his tournament.

Hofstaedter is a cash game player primarily and has no tournament results on his resume. The excellent structure in the Big Stax series is a great place for deep-stacked cash players to get their feet wet in the tournament format. The deep play throughout various stages of the tournament have more of a familiar feel to cash players and Hofstaedter has certainly found his rhythm late in Day 1C.