Colache Back In It

  • Big Stax XXII 1500 Main Event 3:45 PM
  • Level 26 (25000/50000/5000)
  • Total Entries: 447
  • Players Left: 12
  • Next Payout: $9,235
renata colache
Renata Colache, Day 3 Level 25

Renata Colache was down to 245k when she got her first double up. She has now rejoined the middle of the pack during the first stint of short-handed play on Day 3.

Will Corvino opened the button to 110k. Colache 3-bet all-in from the big blind for 560k. Corvino made the call putting her at risk.

Colache 9♠8♠ vs Corvino A♣4♦ Pot: 1.175M

Board: 7♥2♦8♦10♠7♠

Colache makes a pair and wins the coin-flip against Corvino’s Ace-high. She is now over 20 big blinds for the first time on Day 3 and has made an excellent comeback during Level 26.