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Brief Update

The players have been passing around chips without any eliminations for the first half of level 28. Max Young has been particularly active and is currently sitting with ~4M after losing a pot against Neal Gay. Henry Meacham has had the worst of it so far after starting with 2.845M, he is down to ~1.2M.

Neal Gay, Day 3 Level 28

Neal Gay put a stop to Young’s tear after making a big move in a 3-bet pot.

Gay opened the pot to 190k in early position and was 3-bet by Young in the hijack to 400k. Action got back to Gay and he made the call to make it a heads-up flop.

Flop: 2♣5♣8♠ Pot: 1.01M

Gay checked. Young bet 325k. Gay moved all-in for ~2.4M. Young tanked for a short while and then mucked his hand sending the pot of 1.66M to Gay. Gay came into the level with ~1.6M and is now up to ~3.6M.



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