Rivkin Hits The River

  • Big Stax XXII 1500 Main Event 11:50 PM
  • Level 24 (15000/30000/5000)
  • Total Entries: 447
  • Players Left: 21
  • Average Stack: 1,064,000
jason rivkin
Jason Rivkin, Day 2 Level 24

Jason Rivkin opened the pot from middle position to 60k and was 3-bet by Bill Parker in the small blind to 160k. Rivkin called and they took a flop heads-up.

Flop: 10♠7♣5♣ Pot: 385k


Turn: 8♥

Parker bet 200k. Rivkin called.

River: 9♥ Pot: 785k

Parked checked. Rivkin bet 200k. Parker called.

Rivkin 9♠9♣ vs Parker A♣A♦ Pot: 1.185M

Rivkin picked up a straight draw on the turn and then improved to a set on the river. He got some value out of his hand on the four liner board and moves up to ~1.65M after the hand. Parker is left with ~500k.