Defending Champ Out

  • Big Stax XXII 1500 Main Event 5:35 PM
  • Level 20 (6000/12000/2000)
  • Total Entries: 447
  • Players Left: 34
  • Average Stack: 657,000

Max Young opened from under the gun to 26k. Mike Lavenburg called from the hijack and Joseph Liberta pushed all-in from the cutoff for ~170k. With the action back on Young, he quickly announced a call and it would be up to Lavenburg. Lavenburg released his hand and they tabled their cards with defending champion Liberta at risk.

Young K♠K♣ vs Liberta A♣K♥ Pot: ~400k

Board: Q♣9♠J♦J♥7♣

Just a small sweat for Young with Liberta picking up a gut-shot on the flop. Young faded the turn and river and collects the short-stack and remains among the top of the standings heading into Level 21.