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Wicker vs Butkus

David Butkus had opened the pot from under the gun and was called by at least one other player as well as Jeff Wicker in the big blind.

Flop: J♠K♠7♦ Pot: ~25k

Wicker checked. Butkus bet 15k and was called by only Wicker making it heads-up.

Turn: 10♣ Pot: ~55k

Wicker led the turn for 24k and was called.

River: K♥ Pot: ~103k

Wicker slowed down as the river paired the board and checked. Butkus bet 45k and after a minute or so of thought, Wicker made the call. Butkus showed the K♦J♥ for a full house and scooped the pot of ~193k.

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