Feature Table

  • Big Stax XXII 1500 Main Event 10:35 PM
  • Level 13 (1200/2400/300)
  • Day 1A Entries: 167
ryan pochedly
Ryan Pochedly, Day 1A Level 13

Ryan Pochedly has ~290k in chips which is a very formidable stack at this point. However, he is in 3rd place at his table behind Jason Rivkin and Kevin Grabel. Joshua Weizer, Ryan McKnight, and David Zemel are also in that rotation making it the toughest table in the field by a fair margin.

Pochedly is right at home in this event having won it once for $101,105 and finished 4th and 5th in the 1100 edition for a combined ~$55k winnings. The Big Stax crusher has also won the 300 Main Event for $78,244 and made two Final Tables in the $2500 High Roller event as well finishing 4th and 5th for an additional ~$46.5k in earnings. That makes Pochedly one of the best performers at this series and those scores make up six of his top eight tournament cashes.