Pillai Comes Back Strong

  • Big Stax XXII 500 Main Event 4:00 AM
  • Level 33 (125000/250000/25000)
  • Total Entries: 1445
  • Players Left: 4
  • Next Payout: $37,064
Shankar Pillai, Day 3 Level 33

Shankar Pillai had been reeling for awhile after peaking around 18M. He was down to ~8.3M and was essentially tied with the other short-stack Kyle Merron when the following hand took place.

Greg Nerenberg opened to 600k under the gun. Action folded to Pillai in the big blind who 3-bet to 1.75M (6.55M behind). Nerenberg made the call.

Flop: J♥4♥9♥ Pot: 3.725M

Pillai continued with a bet of 1M. Nerenberg moved all-in having Pillai covered. Pillai quickly called.

Pillai 8♥3♥ vs Nerenberg Q♣J♣ Pot: 15.835M

The turn was a brick (6♠) which left Nerenberg drawing dead. Pillai hit a fortunate flop after 3-betting light and gets the full double. Nerenberg is left with ~19.4M after doubling both short stacks in the last couple of orbits.