Freeroll For McNally

  • Big Stax XXII 500 Main Event 5:45 PM
  • Level 28 (40000/80000/10000)
  • Total Entries: 1445
  • Players Left: 12
  • Average Stack: 4,816,000
  • Next Payout: $7,619
chris mcnally
Chris McNally, Day 3 Level 28

It has been a fairly quiet day for Chris McNally who came into the session as the chip-leader. He was down to 1.61M on the last break but just found some good fortune to chip back up to ~2.1M.

Firman Villalona open shoved the cutoff for 690k. McNally was in the small blind and isolated with a shove for ~1.3M with just one player left to act. Jose Garcia folded his big blind and the two players would reveal they held the same exact hand.

McNally A♥4♥ vs Villalona A♦4♦ Pot: ~1.5M

Board: 4♠5♥A♠6♥7♥

McNally flops the freeroll with just a single heart and gets running cards to make a flush and eliminate Villalona. After the hand, McNally is up to ~2.1M and attributes his lucky run-out to his backer yelling for a heart.

Firman Villanola is eliminated in 13th place for $5,971.