Alvarado Toppled Day 2 Chip-Leader

  • Big Stax XXII 500 Main Event 1:35 PM
  • Level 18 (4000/8000/1000)
  • Total Entries: 1445
  • Players Left: 180
  • Average Stack: 321,000

Gary Kosakowski came into Day 2 with 741k, nearly 150 big blinds and a significant chip-lead. Unfortunately, his run came to an end just before the break at the hands of Carlos Alvarado.

carlos alvarado
Carlos Alvarado, Day 2 Level 18

Alvarado landed himself in the Top 10 after eliminating Kosakowski with an excellent river call. Kosakowski opened the pot from the hijack and was flatted by three players including Alvarado from the small blind. The flop came KxJx4x and Kosakowski continued with a bet getting just Alvarado to call. Turn Kx, Alvarado check/called another bet from Kosakowski. River 6x and Alvarado check/called a shove for ~200k with just Ace-high which was good enough to take the pot and eliminate Kosakowski.

Alvarado now has 820k heading into the 8k big blind.