Two Leaders Side By Side

  • Big Stax XXII 500 Main Event 8:30 PM
  • Level 12 (1000/2000/300)
  • Day 1C Entries: 668
  • Total Entries: 1329
raj mahad
Raj Mahad, Day 1C Level 12

Raj Mahad is sitting to the immediate left of recently featured big stack Raul Fernandez. The two of them make up the deepest spot on the felt currently in the room. Mahad has ~280k and has been hitting the grind in 2017. In total, he has ~$36k in winnings and 7 of his 12 cashes this year. His best score came from a 3-way chop in the Big Stax 30 BB Battle in May, earning him $7000. Mahad is doing very well on Day 1C and could potentially get mixed up with Fernandez in a critical pot as their table is not set to break during tonight’s session.