Running Good!

  • Big Stax XXII 500 Main Event 4:45 PM
  • Level 7 (300/600/100)
  • Day 1A Entries: 259
judith bielan
Judith Bielan, Day 1A Level 7

Judith Bielan comes into Day 1A on a bit of a heater. She took the 1st place share of a 5-way chop in last night’s Seniors Event for $6,252. That finish moves her just over $100k in lifetime earnings as she now looks to improve on her previous best of 29th in the 500 Main Event.

Some of the momentum from Bielan’s win has spilled over into Day 1A as well. She currently has ~70k after winning the last hand before break in exciting fashion. A villain opened the pot from under the gun to 1200 and was flatted by the cutoff. Bielan 3-bet to 6500 before the initial raiser moved all-in for ~13.5k more. After considering the price for the call, Bielan flicked in the chips and showed down AxQx against Villain’s AxKx. The flop came Kx5x3x leaving her in a dire situation but the JxTx run-out gave her the come from behind win.