Short Stacks Battle 2.0

  • Big Stax XXII 300 Main Event 3:05 AM
  • Level 34 (150000/300000/50000)
  • Total Entries: 2805
  • Players Remaining: 5
  • Next Payout: $28,380

Frank Williams open shoved from under the gun for 3.925M. Action folded to Tyreem Williams in the big blind who was once again able to make the call and put Frank at risk.

Frank 10♥10♠ vs Tyreem A♠K♣ Pot: ~8.2M

Board: J♠7♦6♦4♥Q♦

Tyreem Williams is left with ~2.6M after the encounter and will be extremely short at the five handed table. Frank Williams wins another all-in encounter with Tyreem and is now up to ~8.2M.