Panacopoulos First To Go

  • Big Stax XXII 300 Main Event 12:30 PM
  • Level 27 (30000/60000/10000)
  • Total Entries: 2805
  • Players Remaining: 36
  • Average Stack: 2,337,000
sprios panacopoulos
Sprios Panacopoulos, Day 3 Level 27

Panacopoulos started with 1.215M and must have doubled up in the first few hands, However, his run would end with an unfortunate post-flop situation after making a big hand. The board read 4♥7♦7♥K♠ and Boris Kromas called Panacopoulos’ all-in wager of ~2.1M on the turn putting him at risk.

Kromas 4♦4♠ vs Panacopoulos 7♣8♣

River: 2♠

Kromas scores the KO after flopping a boat against trips. The field is now down to four tables. Spiros Panacopoulos finishes in 37th place for $2,558.