Pair Of Doubles

  • Big Stax XXII 300 Main Event 4:15 PM
  • Level 29 (50000/100000/15000)
  • Total Entries: 2805
  • Players Remaining: 22
  • Average Stack: 3,825,000
  • Next Payout: $4,077
steven mccullough
Steven McCullough, Big Stax 300 Day 3

McCullough got it in pre-flop against James Huang in a fairly standard encounter. McCullough held the A♠A♥ against the Q♦Q♠ of Huang and held easily as the board ran out clean for the over-pair. McCullough now has ~3.7M.

joseph cervera
Joseph Cervera, Day 3 Level 29

Cervera just got a full double through Joe Cashen and now has close to 5M in his stack. The hand is pretty shaky as far as details go but it was a blind against blind situation. Cervera opened to 400k and Cashen defended his big blind to see a flop of Qx5x7x. Cervera continued with a bet and was called by Cashen bringing the Tx on the turn. Cervera bet once again and this time Cashen moved all-in covering Cervera. Cervera called off his ~1.5M stack and they tabled their cards.

Cervera Qx5x vs Cashen Tx5x

The river was a brick and Cervera took a large chunk of Cashen’s stack as they both make two pair in the hand.