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18 Remaining

The first stint of short-handed play so a bunch of back and forth between some of the shorter stacks. Ben Beahm doubled through John Pannucci with AKs against KQs. Pannucci received a double himself with 8x8x against QxQx. Angel Lopez held on to a short-stack for over 45 minutes of action and will be relieved to find some more hands per orbit now that the tables have joined.

Dinner break will be coming up at the end of Level 30 in 25 minutes. Play will resume at 8:15 PM. Here’s a look at how they are sitting now that the field is down to 18 players:

Table 27

  1. Ebenezer Devasahayam
  2. Tyreem Williams
  3. Joe Cashen
  4. Derek Staib
  5. Steven McCullough
  6. Tom McMahon
  7. Jesse Cohen
  8. Joe Simmons
  9. Bin Weng

Table 28

  1. Anna Antimony
  2. Joe Palma
  3. Joseph Cervera
  4. Boris Kromas
  5. Frank Williams
  6. John Pannucci
  7. Ben Beahm
  8. Angel Lopez
  9. Kyle Torriero
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