Top 3

  • Big Stax XXII 300 Main Event 8:10 PM
  • Level 10 (600/1200/200)
  • Day 1C Entries: 475
  • Total Entries: 1464

First look at the field after the break shows there are three stacks over 200k. Ronan Teixeira, featured earlier, holds the chip-lead with 275k.

andriy yavemiy
Andriy Yaremiy, Day 1C Level 10

Andriy Yaremiy comes into the post-dinner stint in 2nd place with 235k. He doesn’t have any results recorded but has chips to work with which is certainly more important. He already has more than the end of night average stack and has six full levels to improve on that number.

sherath s
Sharath Sreeramoju, Day 1C Level 10

Sreeramoju’s last cash came in 2016 in the Big Stax XVII 300. He managed a min cash adding a small chunk to his career total of ~$5k. He is off to another excellent start this time around, coming into the final six levels in 3rd place with 215k.