Donegan Hits 200k

  • Big Stax XXII 300 Main Event 5:50 PM
  • Level 9 (500/1000/100)
  • Day 1C Entries: 449
  • Total Entries: 1438
brian donegan
Brian Donegan, Day 1C Level 9

Brian Donegan is the first player in the field to hit the 200k mark after taking a small pot off of Chris Csik and moving to ~210k in the process. Donegan has just one tournament cash on his resume from June 2016 at Borgata. That 177th place finish leaves plenty of room for improvement and is off to a great start to best that cash of $1,263.

Dinner break is just on the horizon and will last from 6:30 PM until 7:45 PM.