Cappy Back On The Scene

  • Big Stax XXII 300 Main Event 8:40 PM
  • Level 11 (800/1600/200)
  • Day 1B Entries: 436
  • Total Entries: 960
thomas palombo
Tom “Cappy” Palombo, Day 1B Level 10

Tom “Cappy” Palombo’s last tournament cash was a 55th in the 300 Main Event in May 2014. Since then, his hendonmob has stayed silent but he finds himself in contention once again during Day 1 play. In total, Cappy has $30k in tournament winnings and is otherwise a cash game regular here at Parx.  He currently has ~250k after busting an opponent with 89s vs AxAx on an 874r flop. The turn brought an 8x giving Cappy trips and the ~70k pot.