Wayachal Bubbles

  • Big Stax XXI 500 6:20 PM
  • Level 28 (40000/80000/10000)
  • Total Entries: 967
  • Players Left: 10
  • Next Payout: $5,650
sumeet wayachal
Sumeet Wayachal, Big Stax 500 Day 2

Wayachal open shoved 975k from the cutoff and was called by Divakar Marella in the small blind.

Wayachal A♠3♣ vs Marella A♥K♣ Pot: ~2.1M

Board: 7♥4♥J♦2♣6♠

Wayachal took a really bad beat from Marella a short while ago and failed to return the favor when he got it in behind. That brings the field down to ten, the Final Table, and the players are getting situated right now.

Sumeet Wayachal is eliminated in 11th place for $5,650.